Lupe Fiasco – #DopeFrancis (American Trap)

It seems like hip hop is in a post “Kendrick’s-verse” world now and artists have putting out new music left and right to solidify their place in the rap industry. Lupe Fiasco released this song last night and it’s so much different than his previous stuff. He kind of fell off the map after Lasers (which was an amazing album) and I hope that ‘#DopeFrancis’ is the start of a new Lupe. This song starts with a nice, fresh beat and then Lupe Fiasco just starts spitting his brains out on the track. I hope you enjoy this one guys, what do you think about it?

UPDATE: Lupe has released a new song this morning entitled ‘SLR’ which is a direct response to the Kendrick Lamar verse in ‘Control.’ Hear it first on Daps! This song is awesome and Lupe’s rhymes and flow on it are crazy. I love this new rap battle that Kendrick made within the rap industry because it’s blessing us with such amazing hip hop music. Listen to ‘SLR’ below. Enjoy!

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